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Our Pawlicies
Rules, ah yes rules.. there is always a set of rules unfortunately.   This is our policies for our salon.  We may not be for everyone so this will give you a guideline if we fit your needs or not.  I recently received an email that I have a lot of "do not's" that were a "turn off" and would NOT use or recommend my services.  Evidently I just didn't  fit her needs and that's OKAY!  I've been grooming for a very very long time and there are just things my body can no longer handle like it used to 20+ year ago. 

Policies are in order to insure efficient, quality and friendly services to all patrons of Spa La Paws.

We do not groom large dogs over 50#lbs any more. 
I love the big dogs, I do.. but my hands and shoulders say no more. 30+ years in the business it got too much to go home feeling like I've been ran over by a Mack truck and having to pop pain pills, and chiropractors and trying to avoid hand and shoulder surgery.  This is my job, my life, my career and I need it to last another 30 years or more to make a living...and NO we do not think German Shepherds are big viscous scary dogs. (clarification on a Google review LOL) 

Unsatisfactory behavior can influence whether a dog can and will be finished by the groomer. Please understand that an unmanageable dog can be dangerous to themselves as well as the groomer.  **See note above. grooming over 30 years takes a toll on the body.  I don't have the strength to wrestle an unruly or aggressive dog

*It is the owner’s responsibility to provide a healthy and groomable pet. 
This means  keeping your pet brushed, socialized, and visits to the vet to take care of any problems.  If your pet is old and having health issues, has heart problems, doesn't do well with grooming and stresses easily, a vet with a groomer may be your better option in case something does happen a vet is immediately available on staff. 

* All pets must be up to date on vaccinations.
We do NOT require all vaccinations etc.. we DO however require at least the rabies vaccination. Why? Well because it's state law ALL animals must have their rabies vaccination. "Well my dog doesn't go outside much"  Doesn't matter.  IF by chance your pet were to bite me or an employee and it was severe enough to require medical attention, by law most medical facilities are required to report dog bites.if your pet is not current on rabies shots, your pet will have to be quarantined at a veterinary facility for up to 10 days at your expense.  So we're really requiring to cover you! 

*  Due to the rising cost of flea shampoo, if fleas and/or ticks are found on your pet there is a MANDATORY $10 ($15 for pets over 50#'s) de-flea fee treatment.  NO exceptions!  You can buy Capstar at pet stores, vets, and feed stores prior to your appointment if you know your pet has fleas.  We DO NOT use dip, it is very harmful to both humans and pets!. This also helps cover the expense of having to bomb the salon at the end of the day to kill the renegade buggers! 

* Aggressive/biting dogs will not be tolerated and referred to a vet with grooming services.  This is dangerous to not only the pet but for the groomer and bather as well.  Some dogs just don't like it for whatever the reason.  This is my ONLY source of income, if I get bit I'm out of a job.. temporarily or permanently and I've seen my disability estimates..I would have to move to a cardboard box under I-45. 

 * Untrained dogs that continuously struggle, urinate, or defecate during the grooming process will be returned to owner unfinished at half price I'll face up the fact I'm old and no longer in my 20's taking on the world. My shoulders and hands are paying the toll for doing what I love, and wouldn't have it any other way. I just have to face reality I can't groom them all anymore and a pet that is urinating and defecating a lot is a dog that is stressed. It also costs more time in having to rebathe dry and groom all over again.  We strive to keep the experience stress free, in 32 years I've only had to stop due to these reasons on 5 accounts. 

*We do not use sedation  
Plain and simple, that's a vet's job. We don't have it, we don't offer it, we don't give it and if your pet has to have it, I would recommend taking your pet to a vet groomer because there can be complications from the sedation. 

*We do not groom cats
I like cats, unfortunately their scratches and bites don't like me. I've had to be on some serious antibiotics from just a scratch so I no longer groom cats. 

 * Pets must be healthy and able to stand on their own.
It's difficult to groom a pet that is unable to stand on it's own. My shoulders and hands can't handle the lifting anymore and it is important that your pet be
healthy to groom because grooming can be stressful for some, especially to elderly pets.
If your pet has health issues and stresses out easily, we suggest a vet groomer. 

 * Some seasons may require 2 weeks or more advanced notice. (holidays, especially Christmas).
Yep we get pretty busy because we have some pretty awesome clients that refer
us to people they know and we of course, LOVE that!  Being booked up speaks volume about a business and happy customers that it's in high demand!  Well
why don't I hire help?  Because I haven't figured out how to clone me yet *wink*

 * It is preferred that pets be on a 2, 4, or 6 week maintenance schedule.  
Can't stress this enough.  If you prebook on a schedule your pet will stay in top shape, you won't get frustrated you have to wait 1-2 weeks because we're booked up  when Fluffy is looking a mess and we'll find anything that needs veterinary attention before it's out of hand and you, your checkbook and your pet will be happy! We offer discounts for maintenance and 4 week or less schedules. 

 * There will be additional charges for pets with more than 6 weeks growth, or matted coats due to the extra work and time involved.  
Pet's can't brush themselves so it's not like human hair where we can go months or a  year between a hair cut. We are not the cheapest salon in town but we pride ourselves in continuing education to better serve our clients!. Time is money and extra coat length, dematting and even shaving a matted coat takes extra time, dulls our blades (which can add up having to sharpen all the time) the longer time between visits the more the grooming costs. 

  * Prices are non-negotiable. Discounts are NOT available for multiple dogs.
We get asked this a lot.  We DO offer discounts on pets that are groomed on a schedule 4 weeks or less. We charge by our time and each dog takes the same amount of time.  I raised 3 kids on my own and out of humor I asked the hair dresser once if I got a discount if I brought all three kids in at once to get their hair cut(since I get asked that a lot)..she laughed and hung up on me.  Our prices our set to cover our overhead to keep our doors open and a little left over to pay bills at home.  I haven't had my own true vacation in over 20 years so while some may think we're expensive, we haven't come near catching up with the Jones'. 

 * Pet owners will be responsible for any and all damage caused by their pets. This includes damage to the grooming salon, groomer and/or salon employees.   
Yep, if you check no your pet has never bitten anyone to hide it and we get bit and requires medical attention.  If you KNOW your pet has a history of biting for nails, ears, brushing, etc. Let us know. At least that way we are forewarned to proceed with caution in certain areas. Since we don't keep pets all day the chances of destroying drywall or cages are none. We have had a  few destroy some squeaker balls while waiting on their owners, but squeaker balls are on the house!  

 * Please be on time for your appointment, if you arrive 15 minutes past your appointment time,  your appointment may be cancelled and you will need to reschedule. If you're late it can result in a snow ball effect for the rest of the appointments for the day that arrive on time. 

No shows hurt us..A LOT and result in a big loss of income, especially if we're holding a time slot for you and you don't show when we can give it to someone on a waiting list. We are not a large volume shop and we depend on a certain amount of grooms each day to keep doors open.  If you don't just show up that's money we've lost, it's equivalent to you going to work and not getting paid for that hour or more.    We have a 24 hour cancellation policy in place.  PLEASE be courteous if you can not make your appointment let us know ASAP, PLEASE do not wait until the morning of your appointment to notify us as we can be reached via email 24 hours a day or cancel the appointment yourself online. We will take into consideration emergencies.  There is a $50 charge, paid  prior to the next appointment if you fail to cancel your appointment on time. Repeated no shows will result in securing all future appointments with a non refundable, valid credit card payment (will be applied to the grooming appointment once completed or refusal of service. 

* Appointments are scheduled based on availability.  Most bath and nails we can schedule any time even same day. Just give us a call even if it shows we're booked we can most likely find somewhere to fit you in if possible. .

 * Pet owners are not allowed in the grooming/bathing area. Pets are easily distracted by the presence of "their people". You can clearly see our bathing/grooming area from the entrance of the shop as we have an open floor plan. 

*** Tips are not required but greatly appreciated. We use them towards continuing education and the extra hard work the bather does scrubbing doggie butts :) 

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