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Here's what our clients have to say:

Wilma s. says: My Sister-in-law, niece & ourselves, we ALL use this groomer. Did not know my relatives used Beth @ Spa La Paws until we began using her. She is the BEST. Jr always looks so handsome after his day at the groomers. SPA LA PAWS....when you must have the absolute BEST for your four legged fur babies.
Couldn't be happier  2/9/2017

Misty W. says: My minischnauzer used to shake & tremble when I would take him to get groomed, now he's excited to go. Beth does a great job & always has him ready to go in about an hour. Little Dude & I couldn't be happier. 😁👍🏼🐶🌟
Exactly What I Wanted   2/6/2017

Kristi C. says: Our Shih tzu puppy went in for her first haircut and came out looking exactly the way I wanted. I had her back in about an hour too!
Best groomer in the area!!  1/30/2017

Lori M. says: I've owned dogs for most of my life, and this was the best grooming experience I've had. They were friendly, kind, and knowledgeable. They did a great job, and they only kept our Abby for about an hour! I was so happy they don't keep your animal all day like most other groomers. We will definitely go back!!
Very knowledgeable and fast!  1/6/2017

April T. says: This was only my puppy Schnauzer's second cut and they got her all cleaned and cut to perfection in an hour! Their knowledge of the dog's breed and how to trim her was a great help.

Dionne C. says: Awesome place!!! Caring people and customer service excellent!!! WILL NOT GO BACK TO PET CHAINS AGAIN!!! They do an awesome job!!! Thank you very pleased!!!
Perfect Fall Groom  10/12/2016

Dallas T. says: I have been looking for that perfect groomer in the area. I hate the retail chains, they don't seem to care like the groomers at Spa La Paws did. I was wary of the building but you can never judge a book by its cover. Great staff and very caring! My pup loved her cut and all her bows in her hair. Will for sure be coming back for more grooming!!
Jack LOVES Spa La Paws  9/22/2016

Rhonda D. says: Jack, my jack russell, is a nervous little one and does not trust easily. He is always calm when I drop him off. He may be a toot while being groomed, but Beth is so patient with him and has gained Jack's trust. That is worth alot!!

Dianie S. says: My shih-tzu is 15 years old and has been groomed many many times throughout his life. However, this is the first place I've taken him that I've been thoroughly happy! The groomers are so professional and takes very good care of their clients. I'm so happy to have discovered this GEM!
Beyonce' loves Spa La Paws  7/27/2016

Susan F. says: My Beyonce' is the 1st small dog I've had and I have so much fun taking her to Beth and company for her beauty experience. My husband and I use the hour (usually less) to enjoy Old Town Spring and a bite to eat while she's being groomed. And the little stick-on earrings she gets are simply adorable! Wouldn't go anywhere else.
A very Happy Tobey  6/19/2016

Sandra A. says: I have been taking my Maltese Tobey for the last 6 months, and I would'nt take him anywhere else. Beth and her staff are wonderful with their clients. My Tobey is always excited to get groomed like never before. They are very loving, caring and professional at Spa La Paws. I especially like that they stick to their appointments and grooming takes about an hour. Most places require you to leave your pet there all day even with an appointment. I highly recommend them. They always provide excellent service.
Fast, Excellent, Loving & Amazing  4/14/2016

Ginger P. says: Calm and confident energy was what my 2 very sensitive (another word for very spoiled!) chihuahuas picked up on immediately. Nail trimming is something these two fur babies HATE! This appointment was incredible. Nails were clipped and dogs were happy in just minutes. Dog parents were relieved and ecstatic to finally find a groomer who is so easy to work with and loving towards our "children." Thank you!!!
Tucker & Dandy  3/22/2016

Sharon G. says: Thank you Beth! You did a wonderful job on my two boys.
Excellent groomer  1/28/2016

Rhonda D. says: I've tried several local groomers in the area for last two years and had horrible results. My Jack left there yesterday looking better then he ever has. Also the dogs don't have to stay all day unlike most places!! When I walked in to pick him up he was happy and content. That says a lot!!
True Advertising!  1/14/2016

Susan F. says: Beyonce' was in and out in less than an hour. Love using a local business instead of a chain store. My husband & I shared a nice lunch at Ellen's in Old Town Spring while we waited. Beyonce' looked so happy and cute and was so clean and fresh when we picked her up. Will definitely return!
MALTIPOO (ELLIS) 1/12/2016

Dionne c. says: Ellis had a first time appt last week, and we couldn't be happier with the cut, the little bandana everything! Very satisfied and will be going back! Thank you for the great service!!

Beauty-full and Handsome1/22/2015
Kathleen J. says: Beth groomed Foxy and Jack yesterday. (It would have to rain today!) Foxy is a chow chow mix; she is fluffy, soft, and smells wonderful, acting the part of prim lady. Jack is a border collie; he also smells and looks wonderful, carrying himself as a well bred gentleman. Beth does a great job; the trims are perfect, and the grooming products leave the clients smelling clean and fresh, not overly perfumed. I highly recommend her services.

One in a million1/8/2015

John m. says: My grand puppy was treated beautifully and my wife , daughter and I for the first time ever all agreed the grooming was an OMG moment. Carlos was gorgeous.


Nancy S. says: Caress (poodle) and Darnit (wire hair fox terrier) go from rags to riches with their Spa Day. Beth did the best job ever on the dogs with their 1st visit. I've tried other groomers and was at wits end when this Spa was recommended to me. The dogs took to everyone right away and came home ready to show off their new Coiffures! Thank you for the care and love you put into your place. It shows and we pet owners appreciate all you do. Nancy S


Maureen F. says: Mickey leaves his appointment looking very handsome and smelling wonderful. He is always groomed to meet my specific requirements. He is never hesitant to be handed off and left at the salon. Love that the salon small and personal. I love the care and attention he receives here so much. In fact, after an extended out of state trip, he needed to be groomed prior to our flight home. I bathed him, flew home and brought him to be groomed here. Best service and work of any salon I have used in the 9 years Mickey has been my family.

Pawsitively Pleased!!10/5/2014

Monique J. says: I was referred by a faithful client of Spa La Paws. Finally, I decided to give them a try. was absolutely satisfied with our first visit To Spa La Paws. It only took and 1and about 30 mins. She looked beautiful, the groomers were very nice and professional. I have scheduled 2 more appointments. I am One satisfied customer!


Deanna B. says: Bandit has been going to Spa La Paw for about 3 years. He always looks great afterwards and is a happy little dog. Thank you, thank you.

Nervous Shi Tzu7/30/2014

Mary B. says: Our little Addison is never happy to go to the groomers (or the vet), but I can say that Michelle handles her gently and competently. She always goes in looking scruffy and comes out looking fresh and neat. We like the hair bows and scarves.

Perfect as always!7/30/2014

Zoe Y. says: I have a 7 lb Yorkie who always comes home looking fantastic! Love the rhinestones on her ears and the bow in her hair. Thank you for taking good care of her and making her look so good!

Very pleased!7/3/2014

Linda L. says: I took my two Miniature Schnauzers to Spa La Paws upon a recommendation from a friend. I was very pleased with their haircuts, and I've never had a groomer that got the job done so quickly. I booked their next appointment before we ever left the shop. Oh, yes, forgot to mention the rhinestones on my female dogs ears--she looks so glamorous!

Comes in looking homeless, comes out looking beautiful6/11/2014

Carrie B. says: My 11-pound hyperactive Snorkie, Annie, loves to roll and dig in dirt/mud, and dead things. She goes to Collette or Beth looking and smelling like a stray, and comes out looking like a princess. I love that it only takes 20 minutes for a bath and only 30-45 minutes for grooming. They groom one dog at a time, and my little Annie doesn't sit in a cage all day for a 20-45 minute procedure. We leave Annie for her appointment, then go to Wimberley Valley Wine Room for wine tasting, and before we know it, we get a call saying that Annie is ready for pick-up. Beth and Collette love dogs, and their calm demeanor makes Annie more at ease. I highly recommend Spa La Paws!

Happy Yorkie5/2/2014

Courtney M. says: My dog is so happy after they take care of her. She is tiny and I can tell that they take good care of her physically and psychologically. She feels safe, happy and clean! I used to take her to a place where I noticed some unpleasant things- and I promised my dog I would take her to a safe place- and I am so thankful for Spa La Paws! How awesome is it that I pick her up exactly 45 minutes after her appointment time? Thank you for taking good care of my companion. Very humane and loving of you-

Carrying on the tradition5/1/2014

Michelle W. says: I am so happy that I sold Pink Poodle to Beth. She is a caring, loving groomer who has kept up the high standards that I aspired to. I recently took our baby Echo down to Spa Le Paws and was super pleased with the results. Echo came home looking and smelling great and everything I asked for was done to perfection!!! And you know how picky retired groomers can be!! :) Keep up the good work and see you again soon!

Beau and his Mom thinks this place is PERFECT!!!!!!!3/13/2014

Beau E. says: I have tried several groomers in Spring and this is the first one that my dog & I actually enjoyed. He pranced out of there as if he had just won the "Most HaHandsome" dog award. He was so happy and so funny. LOL Kudos to the Staff and Owner. YOU ROCK!!!!!!


LeAnne S. says: This was our first visit and I was a little worried after I said, "do what you think is best." (one person's vision of best, might not be another's). When I picked him up, he was so ADORABLE! They did a perfect job! I didn't think he could get any cuter but he did! Thanks for a great first experience! We have found our groomer!

Excellent Job1/13/2014

Gwen W. says: Beth did a wonderful job on Tank. The cut was perfect and he smelled so good. Did not have to wait six hours to pick him up. Will definitely recommend.

The Very Best!1/9/2014

Rebecca A. says: Patrick used to get scared when he went to the groomers and finally I decided to start looking into smaller groomers. My vet actually recommended Spa La Paws, and I must say they didn't disappoint! Patrick loves his visits. He is excited to walk in, he's happy when he leaves, and I know they take the very best care of him while he's there. I must say he looks awfully handsome afterwards too! This place is the best! Easy to book online, quick with appointments, and truly love the dogs they take care of. I could ask for a better groomer! Thanks for always taking care of Patrick, his mom and him really appreciate it! :)

Happy Westies! 7/24/2013

Julie B. says: First time with Beth for my two Westies. The results are beautiful. Other groomers didn't cut them like westies. Great service!.
Soleil's groom!7/24/2013

Judith G. says: My standard was awful! And as usual Beth worked her magic and my dog looked like a movie star! Thank you for being awesome!

Tucker's first visit alone 7/12/2013

Kandy C. says: Hands down, Beth does Awesome work! This was Tucker's first visit without his buddy! Wow, I think he liked it best. Beth is not only a wonderful groomer but awesome with my baby (babies). I cannot express how well she shapes feet, overall hair but most importantly, they look always look like show dogs when you pick them up! Tucker looks great even though he soaked his ears earlier as normally he waits until he gets home for that:-) You did fix them!!!! Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my doggies past tense and now just sweet Tucker!

Happy Customer
Leslye W. says: Beth always gives Sophie a great groom! Unlike other groomers, I've never had to wait all day to pick her up, and she looks and smells nice when I do!

Me Too 5/29/2013

ANgela k. says: My puppy always get's the personal attention he needs to be groomed! I appreciate the time you take to make him feel special!

Great groomers! 5/3/2013

Amber S. says: It was my first visit at spa la paws and I was very impressed with their work. I took my Waylon to them ( a poodle/ schnauzer mix) and they did a fabulous job. They did exactly what I asked them to do and I had no complaints what so ever. They were quck but efficient and finished in the exact time they told me they would be. When I picked my baby up he was so happy! I really appreciate how they made my dog feel safe and comfortable.

Great Groom 5/1/2013
Holly M. says: My little Oscar went to Spa La Pa yest for the first time. Beth was great. She cut him perfect and that's hard to do sometimes with Shih-Tzu's. And I was surprised that it didn't take that long either. He looked sooo handsome when I picked him up. He will definitely be going back.


Cheryl D. says: Sassy and Pip enjoyed their spa day so much and they smell and look so adorable! This was our first experience and we'll definitely be back!

Love Spa La Paws 4/11/2013

Gale W. says: All four of my dogs love Spa La Paws. I never worry when I leave them there as I know Beth will take good care of them. They are always happy when they enter the shop so that tells you something.

Lisa Simes 3/15/2013

Lisa S. says: Absoutely Perfect! Cali my Pom loves Spa La Paws, she loves that her grandpa takes her every month, she gets pretty while he reads his book then takes her home all done in an hour! I love that she does not have to stay all day HUGE plus!! She is always groomed to perfection we are always so pleased!

Best Groomer in Spring 3/13/2013

Jaqui F. says: In the 18 years we've owned schnauzers we've tried lots of groomers. Spa La Paws is by far the best in town. It's clean and well run by a caring family, and my pup always looks great. Best of all, I can drop him off and pick him up an hour or two later instead of having to leave him there all day. Great excuse for a little lunch and shopping in Old Town Spring!

My handsome Tucker and pretty Sophie 3/5/2013

Michelle L. says: Very impressed! Service was great. Both Yorkies were well groomed. They pranced around all evening at home. Geeat feeling leaving the place knowing my yorkies would be well taken care of. Look forward in going back.

Jazzper sm schnauzer mix 2/11/2013

Mary L. says: First visit very impressed he was happy and very handsome when I picked him up. Very personalized service. It is nice to know he has a great groomer who really loves her clients.

Abby Looks Beautiful 1/26/2013

Louise K. says: Abby, my Maltese mix always leaves spa day well-groomed. Beth does an excellent job.\

Honey and Sugar are sweet on Beth 1/24/2013

Kelly M. says: We feel very comfortable leaving our wild and crazy girls with Beth. They are a handful and I' m not sure how she manages it, but they always look beautiful when shes finished. We really appreciate her love and patience with our babies!

Great Job1/19/2013

Patricia M. says: Very pleased with the job she did on my dog. I have been to couple other places down the street and was not happy, so I now have a groomer who I feel comfortable leaving my dog with Yay

Gail K and Patches1/17/2013

Gail K. says: Patches said that he loves going to see Beth she treats me good and she is gentle it's almost like my own Mom giving me a bath and after I have my allergy shot she always makes sure she stays away from that spot.....I love Beth

Spa La Paws is the Best!1/8/2013

Kathleen R. says: As always Beth and her crew have done a beautiful job of grooming my little Westie Hamish. Beth has such a wonderful way with animals. I would reccomend her to anyone who wants top quality dog grooming.

Springer Spaniel
ANgela K. says: My puppy was in and out in less then an hour. He's 8 months old, and likes to jump(fences). I was allowed to put him in the kennel before I left. He went in calmly...I hope the rest of the visit went well. When I came to pick him up he was sitting at the shop keeper's feet. Did I tell you he smells good!  10/20/2012

Simply The Best
Gregg w. says: Always flexible and accommodating, you will not find more friendly folks. Fast follow up and great communication coupled with professional, quality grooming makes Spa La Paws my ONLY choice. 10/18/2012

Happy Dogs That Love Spa La Paws!
Kim S Beth and her groomers have always left us 100% satisfied! Thank you for your hard work! 10/17/2012

Anne P. says: Gracie always looks fabulous when we pick her up...Thank you Beth!! 9/26/2012

Rocco and Soliel
Judith G. says: Beautiful as always! Beth is laid back, kind and always does an amazing job on both of my fur kids! 8/3/2012

Awesome Groomer for my Pom
Russel and Lisa S. Cali loves her once a month Spa days. I need to start going...LOL. Beth is fantastic and does Cali hair exactly how we like it everytime. Thanks Beth! 7/19/2012

Great Experience for my Aussie
Connie P. says: Buster hated going to the groomer - until we found Spa La Paws. Buster was happy as a lamb when I picked him up, and he looked and smelled wonderful. Good job guys. 6/29/2012

Christy P
Chiquita is always happy to see Beth at the spa. Beth and her daughter are so nice to her and she loves people. I love the haircut they give her, she has problems with her ears if hair is not really dug out...and they take such care and do such a good job with any special requests like that. She always looks so pretty and smells good and we love to see the bows, etc. that they put on her. We always take pictures to send to friends. (Chiquita was my mothers dog and companion for almost 12 years when my mother passed away 1-1/2 years ago....so she has had loss that she has had to handle.) My mothers friends all loved Chiquita and knew that she was my mothers world..so we appreciate the love and care the spa gives her. Would highly recommend the spa as not only are they good at grooming but Beth is very knowledgeable about dogs and I appreciate that. 

Fiesty Bichon
Maryjane D. says: JoJo is so happy after he gets groomed and he smells so good. He is a pretty boy and I am a happy Mom. He is not stressed and he looks so handsome. I have tried other places but now I have found a place where he is safe and gets great attention. And I know that he is loved and well cared for and we found our grooming place. 

The Best EVER!
Danielle O. says: Having owned Lhasa Apsos for over 25 years, I have been through plenty of groomers. I have never found anyone who can even come close to being as good as Beth. Our Molly used to fear getting groomed and would come back to the house traumatized. She comes home from seeing Beth prancing around knowing she looks so pretty. When Beth moved from mobile grooming to salon grooming, we tried another groomer because our girl is older and mobile was easier on her. We ended up with very expensive vet bills after a massive infection in brutalized ears due to over aggressive hair removal. Never, ever, again will we trust any dog of ours to anyone but Beth. She is, quite simple, unmatched in her field. 6/9/2012

My Princess looks great!
Beverly R. says: Princess just loves going in to get her bath and groom. As soon as she sees the building she gets excited and runs in and she always looks great when we leave. 5/25/2012

Satisfied Customer!
Leslyle W. says: Beth does a really nice job grooming Sophie. I love that she is so fast, and I don't have to leave my dog there all day, as with most groomers. Sophie is returned to me looking and smelling so pretty! 5/20/2012

Just Gorgeous!
Ann Marie D. says: My "Little Miss McGee" had her Spa day yesterday with Beth. She came out happy and just gorgeous! Everyone commented on how pretty she looked when we walked this morning! Beth is the best, Ann Marie 5/16/2012

Just Perfect!
Stephanie M. says: Love Spa La Paws! Beth does the best job on my Britney and my huge black lab. They both look, feel and smell wonderful. I love how fast and friendly they are as well. They really care about your dogs and it shows. I recommend them to everyone I know. 5/8/2012

My Handsome Sheltie!
Lu-Ann W. says: My JoJo jsut loves going to Spa La Paws. I cannot get him in the car quick enough or even get in the driver seat without him barking at me to hurry up. He looks absolutely beautiful after he has been groomec. My mothers Min Pin Pricilla loves going to see Beth as well. We can hardly wait for our next visit. I am referring everyone I know with a dog who they have groomed to Beth she is awesome. 4/2/2012

Nice and Spiffy
Melissa R. says: We love having Toby groomed at Sp La Paws! The appointmnent time is just enough to have him groomed and taken care of, and he isn't left in a cage all day like sooo many other groomers we have tried. We are truly happy with Beth and her team! 2/4/2012

Poodles Look Fabulous!
Judith G. says: Rocco and Soleil look beautiful when they go to the "parlor". Very pleased with their treatment and they smell so nice! 1/25/2012

Sophie And Simon...
Krissy C. says: If you ask them, they do not like being left at the spa. I don't know why,I personaly would love to be left and pampered even for just a couple of hours. I do know when i pick them up they look and feel so good. I love how they have thier own beauty time and do not stay all day to be shuffled around. I have referred Beth to my dog loving friends. 1/25/2012

Gizmo would like you to know...
Paula B. says: Beth Haire has been taking care of all my grooming needs about 3 years or so. I'm not the easiest client......not fond of the grooming thing, but she is patient with me and I look pretty handsome when she's done. It makes my "Mom" pretty proud of me & she thinks Beth is the best. She loves how good I smell too. Thanks!!!! Paula "Mom" Burtch 8/7/2011

Pretty Pekes
Debbie P. says: We are Gabe and Reilly, Pekingese brothers, who are more handsome than ever after Beth gave us her Spa Treatment! We love our new groomer.8/19/2011

Kimberly B. says: I was in a panic when Michelle sold Pink Poodle, she was the only groomer who rinsed my 20yr old collie completely and never left her smelling like a dog. I can honestly say Beth is now the other person who does a great job too!! I got really lucky when she took over! Great job! -Kimberly B 8/19/2011

Happy Yorkies!
Cindy O. says: I was anxious when I learned Michelle was leaving ~ she was wonderful with my boys. We are so happy that she found Beth to take over the shop. My fretting is over! Beth is fabulous!! She did an awesome grooming on my boys and they smell wonderful. I'm so glad that they can continue to go the "spa" that they are used to and get top notch care.....Max & Skittles Mom 8/25/2011

Nancy N. says: After many disappointing visits to other groomers, we are so happy to have found Miss Beth at Spa La Paws!! She did exactly what I asked and Buddy & Lucy looked great! 8/28/2011

Beth is the best!!!
Roxanna P. says: Beth Haire has been grooming our dogs for about 3 years we think she is amazing! My shih tzu/poodle mix Bailey runs to her when he sees her. I can't say enough great things about Beth.She is someone who truly enjoys her job and honestly cares about your animals. We love having her as our groomer! Bailey and Cooper P. 8/30/2011

Awesome groomer for Cali!
Russell & Lisa S. says: Sure glad Beth was able to take the clients from The Pink Poodle. Cali our white Pomeranian just loves her day at the spa. Haircut is exactly how we like it. Thanks Beth. 9/1/2011

Katie is a fan!
Joelle M. says: I'm a fan, too,and happy that you took over the Pink Poodle. It's a little bit of a drive, but Katie really seemed to feel better after seeing you. She's doing great and looks great, too. I don't care if I have to drive further to get Katie groomed. It is worth it to me to have someone I can trust with my dog and know she'll be in good hands when I leave. As I mentioned, I went through a few groomer nightmares during the summer before returning back to Old Town Spring...so thanks for everything! Joelle M. 9/14/2011

Beth is the best!
Kathleen R. says: Hamish's grooming appointment was wonderful as always! He looks great and I know he is always in good hands with Beth. Kathleen R 9/20/2011

Pippin and Grover look GREAT!
Heather A. says: We were so sad when Michelle left, but very happy that Beth was able to take over The Pink Poodle. Pippin and Grover had their first grooming at Spa La Paws yesterday, and they both look great. Beth did an excellent job, and we are so happy to have a wonderful place to bring our dogs for grooming. 9/28.2011

Rocco and Soleil
Judith G. says: Michelle told me you were great! And you are! Both my fur kids look gorgeous after coming to see you. Glad you are here! 10/1/2011

Beth is the best!
Ann Marie D. says: I have been going to groomers for the past 30 years with my Kerry Blue Terrier and now with my Westies. Beth is by the far the best groomer I have ever gone to. My "Little Miss McGee" always looks beautiful when she is finished! Beth goes the extra mile to make sure that your dog is happy and that you are happy as the owner. I also love that I can drop my dog off and have her groomed immediately. I would not want to leave my dog waiting in a crate for hours. Keep up the good work Beth! Your are the Best!!! Ann Marie 10/12/2011

Beth is a dog fairy! :)
Crystal C. says: I don't know how she does it. I have brought in two Shitz-Tzus , who had not seen a groomer in months, and Waaa La! they are gorgeous! I have brought my dogs to many groomers before and they would come out running to me as if they were terrified, But with Beth they come out very calm and happy. Beth is the best hands down! I don't know how she does it, It must be Magic.... :) 10/13/2011

Happy New Customer!
Leslye W. says: Very pleased after out first visit. Sophie looked so adorable in her Teddy Bear trim, bow and bandana. She had the softest coat ever, and smells sooo good! We will definitely be returning. 10/22/2011

New Experience
Vanessa K. says: I was quite bummed when my old groomer announced she was leaving. It took me a while to try Beth out. We went for the first time yesterday. Shelby was groomed to perfection the way I asked without bows too. She usually messes up her groom trying to get the bows out. She is not a girly girl yorkie. Thanks again Beth for accommodating my early arrival time as I did in the past with Michelle. We will be back! 11/9/2011

Hands down the best groomer in town!
Jan L. says: Beth believes in absolute perfection in grooming dogs. They are always beautiful when she is done and half way is not good enough for her. She has been mobil grooming for years and decided to open the shop in Spring. You can go shopping and come back in about an hour. No waiting all day long for your dog to be done. How she does this in such a short time and having them looking so beautiful is incredible. Spa La Paws is the best grooming shop ever. Very pampered pets. Thanks again for a job well done Beth 11/11/2011

Gorgeous Gracie
Anne P. says: This was Gracie's first visit to a doggy spa, being a German Shepherd she does't require too much, just a good bath usually does the job. Beth went beyond the bath and Gracie looks gorgeous!!! Her coat is just beautiful. We went to Spa La Paws for two reasons: Beth was highly recommended by our neighborhood yahoo group and we like to support local businesses whenever we can. 12/1/2011

Scared Shih Tzu turns all smiles at Spa La Paws!!!
Shay H. says: My shih tzu (male) is normally a happy, fun-loving dog - until I take him to get groomed. While he loves baths at home, he is always fearful when I drop him off and pick him up from the groomer. I discovered this was due to his dislike of being in a kennel all day long with other loud, barking dogs (just for a 1 hour bath & grooming appointment). Spa La Paws to my rescue!! I brought my dog for a bath and cut and when I picked him up he was still happy - no shaking with fear or acting out when he got home. I was impressed with the attention to detail that Spa La Paws gives - she truly LOVES dogs and they know it! Add to that the fact that my dog had an appointment - he was in and out in 1.5 hours! Trust me - I'm overly protective of my baby - SPA LA PAWS is amazing! 12/26/2011

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